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Olivier’s done it again.

Every season, Olivier Rousteing absolutely dominates with his collection for Balmain.

For AW16, the Balmain Army swapped hair colour – so simple, but so incredible.

Gigi and Rosie were brunettes and Kendall made like Kim and went blonde. Brilliant.

The clothes were another story – it was all about the details and layering.

Kendall and Gigi rocked the runway in lace-up corsets, making this classic look feel accessible to the masses.

Pinks of all different shades made a huge impact in the showcase, so this colour scheme is bound to play a major role in our wardrobe’s next season.

Olivier also made his trimmings part of the show, ensuring that the entire collection was incredible from tip to toe. And of course, his fabric cuts were incredible, no surprise there – Balmain knows women and has a knack for creating  the most flattering and eye-catching pieces (think classic Balmain blazer!)

From the velvet thigh high boots, to the tassel fringing, fur mini skirts and pearls, Olivier pulled out all stops to ensure this collection had the fashion rat-pack stopping in their tracks. It was luxe and glamourous, but Olivier has a way of making ‘over-the-top’ look seemingly effortless.

Complete and utter Balmaination.

J x

All images via tumblr.