Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a Wrapping Masterclass at TK Maxx at Top Ryde, and with Christmas fast approaching it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Lead by the super hilarious lawyer-turned-wrapping-extraordinaire and editor of The Daily Wrap, Vivienne Anthon, we learnt the tips and tricks to wrapping and concealing gifts of all shapes and sizes.

After learning a few tactics used by Vivienne (think postal tubes, boxes, bells, upside-down takeaway bowls, and sheets of cardboard), we were given 15 minutes to shop and find a present to wrap. Selfishly, I thought of only myself and decided on the cutest foot rest, which is far too stylish to rest any feet upon. Whilst it was a big challenge, Vivienne was up for it and quickly set to work helping me wrap this quite large and unusually shaped item. Using 4 pieces of cardboard, she created a box-like shape around the foot rest and from there, proceeded to wrap the foot rest in paper and of course, a large bow. The entire group cheered once she had finished, as it really was no mean feat.

I have a partner who without fail, manages to guess just about every single present I’ve ever given him, so I loved the idea of mixing things up with sounds, sizes and shapes. A little fun never hurt no one, and who doesn’t love a surprise!

In order to help you surprise your friends and family this Christmas, I’ve collated a few of Vivienne’s favourite techniques below:

  1. Play with size – if something is tiny, wrap it in something huge, or if something is huge, dismantle it and make it small! Keep in mind, the small gift will want to equate to the excitement of unwrapping a giant gift.
  2. Experiment with sound – bubble wrap and bells work well and help to throw the recipient off the scent.
  3. Try something unexpected – just like with my foot rest, no one would expect a foot rest to be wrapped unless it was in a box, so this is a great trick.

A real-life treasure hunt, TK Maxx is the ultimate shopping destination this Christmas. From clothes to shoes, to accessories, furniture, fantastic stocking fillers and possibly one of the best Christmas sections I’ve ever come across (they’ve got everything from wrapping paper and supplies, to cards, giant Santa sacks and more!) If you want it, TK Maxx have got it!

Click here to find your closest store.

Happy shopping and happy wrapping! x