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I don’t know about you, but I am totally and utterly OBSESSED with travel – I would fly to London tonight if I could!

After nearly three years as part of Virgin Australia’s cabin crew team, I feel like I should be a pro at packing but for some reason I ALWAYS have the heaviest bag – without a doubt.

I am a ‘just in case’ girl because there has been far too many times where I have removed items from my bag and arrived at my destination only to find that I never needed anything more than that particular item I had taken out – seriously annoying.

It’s now been three months since I arrived back from week-long jaunts in Singapore and Bali, both were amazing – if you haven’t been, GO! Be prepared for the heat, but you’ll love it.

Anyway,  prior to going overseas I had planned to write a quick blog post on what I like to pack in my carry-on, but between getting back from Singapore then jetting off to Bali and then heading straight back into a brand new job, it got pushed by the wayside and 12 weeks later here it FINALLY is.

As avid travellers will know, there is always a high chance that the suitcase filled with your most prized possessions will go missing en route and you are left stranded without all your essentials – it shouldn’t ruin your holiday, but it kind of puts a dampener on it.

In order to avoid any devastation or a late-night dash to the supermarket for your beauty and intimate essentials, I have detailed  a list of things you might like to carry with you next time you travel:

  • Passport and documentation

No words needed, just bring itAlways make sure to keep a copy of your passport number just in case your passport goes missing, it makes the reporting process a whole lot easier.

  • iPad and keyboard 

I take my iPad whenever I travel – with all the books, movies, TV shows and apps it holds, it is the perfect travel companion. My wireless keyboard is great if I want to do some work on the go.

  • Camera

I don’t know what it is, but I get super nervous packing my camera in my checked baggage, so in the backpack it goes. I have a WiFi SD card, so I often load my photos onto my phone just before boarding and then I spend a portion of the flight editing photos so they are good to go when I land.

  • Magazine

I’m the biggest magazine and book fiend out, so seeing as though my iPad has got the book situation covered I just like to pack a few magazines to flip through. My go-to’s are ELLE, Collective, Vogue, Marie Claire and of course, Cereal.

  • Flavoured water / Drink bottle

You can’t take water through security with you, but depending on where I am going and whether or not the drinking water is okay, I will often pack bottle of flavoured water (love Nudie!) and/or a drink bottle in my carry-on – once again, just in case. It’s really important to keep hydrated before and after your flight and taking your own drink bottle can often save you time and money. I am obsessed with The Hydra Bottle from The Upside.

  • Makeup

I don’t know about you, but I cannot go anywhere without makeup – it’s bad. I literally wear it to collect the mail! So when I travel I make sure I have all the basics with me: concealer, primer, foundation, pressed powder, blush, mascara and eyeliner. All the other favourites like eyeshadow and bronzer are packed in my checked baggage, as it always surprises me how much it all weighs!

  • Shampoo and conditioner

There is nothing worse coming off a long haul flight and finding out that your bag is missing and you will need to use the hotel’s shampoo and conditioner. I don’t know about you, but I am super fussy when it comes to my hair, so I like to carry my own – I squeeze enough for 2-3 washes into the small travel bottles and then pack the full size bottles into my checked baggage.

  • Face serum

As I said before, staying hydrated is extremely important. I am obsessed with Aesop’s Anti-Oxidant Parsley Seed Serum and couldn’t live without it on a long haul flight. Like with the shampoo and conditioner, I will pour some of the serum into a travel bottle as the dripper doesn’t really travel well (trust me, from experience!)

  • Face moisturiser

A good moisturiser is key, so I always make sure to carry a great face moisturiser with me. Depending on the length of the flight I will remove my makeup and reapply, and the moisturiser definitely comes in handy in making sure my skin isn’t dry or flaky.

  • Body moisturiser

I get a tan before every flight, I know it’s silly because your skin gets so dry in the air but I can’t live without a tan. To combat that awful snakeskin look, I carry a super hydrating body moisturiser with me – my favourite at the moment is Frank Body’s Body Balm.

  • Hand cream

 I carry one with me in my handbag everyday as I think there is nothing worse than having dry and flaky hands – so it’s definitely a travel must!My go-to is Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm.

  • Face mask

Not necessarily to use on the flight, but of course you can! My favourite is the Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque from Aesop – it dries clear so it’s great for travelling, you won’t scare the other passengers if you decide to do it on board. Otherwise, I usually tend to put it  on once I get to the hotel and remove my makeup.

  • Exfoliant

Just like the face mask, the exfoliant isn’t for the flight but I like to carry it with me so that I can easily incorporate into my routine once I arrive at the hotel. I love the Creamy Face Scrub from Frank Body, it’s great to do before applying the mask.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

No explanation needed.

Clothes and underwear

I always make sure to carry a spare change of underwear and a fresh shirt, just in case that bag goes missing – there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the same clothes for another day or two!

And that’s that! It’s obviously all very personal as to what you would like to carry and I know I go above and beyond ‘just in case’, but hopefully it might give you some helpful hints next time you travel. Personally, I think by writing this blog post I was just trying to cure the post holiday blues – Facebook is currently giving me a friendly reminder that this time last year I was running around London, depressing or what! I definitely think it’s time to start planning the next trip x