Many months ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with the beautiful Georgie Beaumont of Luxe & Beau.

Georgie and I first met whilst working together in fashion in Canberra, and it was obvious then that she had an eye for style and colours.

Growing up with a family of designers and retailers, design was always going to be in Georgie’s blood. After finishing school, she studied Graphic Design at the Australian Business Academy, but something kept drawing her back to fashion and styling, so she jetted off to London and enrolled at the London College of Fashion.

Back on home soil, she combined her passion for fashion and graphic design skills to establish Luxe & Beau, which aims to create bespoke pieces that will truly give your home an edge. Luxe & Beau’s signature pieces include rugs, lamp shades  and cushions.

Gorgeous and insanely talented, Georgie is one to watch! Be sure to check out my interview with her below and also see her stunning pieces at

I love your product range, what was the inspiration behind the brand and where does your passion for interiors and styling come from?

My mum is an amazing decorator. Every school holidays, we would move everything in my room around and completely redecorate, and this really instilled a passion in me for styling. Mum also owned a decorating and design store, where I would work during school holidays and after school, merchandising shelves and playing with displays.

When did Luxe & Beau first become an idea and ultimately, your career?

I always knew that I wanted to have my own business, as I am not the kind of person who can be fulfilled working for someone else – I have tried it and it’s not for me. My first inspiration was when I was pregnant with my son Mac. I was in Bali with my husband and parents, and my mum had organised for us to meet with one of her all-time favourite designers Stuart Membery. Seeing what he had created and designed gave me so much inspiration to do the same thing for myself, and to design the life I wanted.

From experience, I know that creating a name is always one of the biggest challenges – what is the story behind the name ‘Luxe & Beau’?

Luxe is my favourite word and I think it describes my product perfectly, as I am consistently sourcing luxurious fabrics with the aim of creating beautiful and timeless pieces. Beau is French for beautiful, and is also short for my surname Beaumont. It was the perfect combination!

Your designs are gorgeous and bold, where do you get your creative vision from?

Growing up in a beautiful and traditional country homestead has definitely given me a strong basis for my style. I love classic and old-worldly styles mixed with bold and more contemporary looks.

How did you decide on cushions, lamp shades and rugs being your signature pieces?

I always wanted to be a fabric designer. From the age of twelve, I was designing my own intricate patterns that would take me hours on end, but I loved it! For me, cushions and rugs are a great way to experiment with lots of different patterns and colours without having to spend a lot of money. I wanted to use the idea of creating custom pieces for my customers, without the custom price tag. I also couldn’t find the designs I wanted anywhere, for example I searched high and low for a beautiful leopard print rug with absolutely no luck, so why not create it myself.

What is your favourite room to style?

Definitely the living room!

Tell me what a day in the life of Georgie is like?

I wake up, get myself ready and have breakfast with my little man, Mac. We then head to the post office to ship some orders and grab a coffee – I like to walk in the morning, so we usually go to the park.

Mac sleeps in the middle of the day, so I make sure I’m home for three hours to respond to emails, work on my new collection and organise my afternoon. I’m lucky that my husband gets home at around 5.30pm most nights, so we have an early dinner and put Mac to bed ASAP haha! We will then have an hour together to catch up on the day and then I clock on to work for the night. I work until all hours because it is my perfect uninterrupted time.

What can’t leave you leave home without?

My phone.

Your must-have fashion accessory?


Your favourite beauty product?

I’m obsessed with the L’OCCITANE Almond Oil. My sister-in-law bought it for me when I was pregnant and I have been obsessed ever since. I also love the AERIN fragrances – I can’t get enough!

Favourite fashion label?


Favourite travel destination?

Paris or Rome.

Lipstick or gloss?

I love both!

Tea or coffee?

Definitely coffee.

Flats or heels?


Where can budding stylists purchase your beautiful designs?

You can visit our online store at

Do you have any advice for aspiring interior designers, stylists or entrepreneurs?

Start somewhere. You will not end up where you start, so just get going with something you love and it will develop.

What’s next for Luxe & Beau?

This year will be a big year for Luxe and Beau, as we will be bringing out a new collection. We also have a few exciting ventures in the works at the moment, but you will just have to wait and see!

As you can see, Georgie is one to watch. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get styling gals x