Restless by Kendall J


Tell me the words, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Limited Edition’ or ‘One Day Only’ – I’m there. But there are two words that are destined to create even more hysteria – Kendall Jenner.

So when I heard that the¬†bonafide and newly named supermodel and It Girl of the moment Kendall, was releasing a limited edition lipstick created especially for Estee Lauder and only available online, my card was at the ready before you could say ‘ka-ching!’

Billed as the ‘It’ product of the year in beauty land, I honestly had no idea what to expect. The Kardashians and the Jenners are masters at their trade and could sell literally anything, but I have to tell you – this lipstick is AMAZING.

A gorgeous matte red finish, Restless by Kendall J is the first matte lipstick that has not dried out my lips but nourished them instead. I am OBSESSED with the EL’s Envy Lipstick range (I may or may not have just indulged in the beautiful Baby Cashmere yesterday) and Kendall’s lipstick is a gorgeous edition to that collection.

As a Virgin hostie for a few years, I swore by MAC’s Lady Danger (and still do!) and this is quite similar just with extra nourishment – what more could you want?!

We all might not be legs eleven or be a part of KenGi or CaKe, BUT we can emulate Kendall’s gorgeous pout and that, I could not say no to.

Kendall’s lipstick is now¬†available at selected Estee Lauder beauty counters.

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