ENA Professional OMORFIE Hair Styler

For those who know me, know that my hair is SUPER curly and SUPER frizzy, so a good straightening iron is never far from reach.

Recently, one of my very cute (most of the time!) little bunnies decided that my straightener cord tasted especially delicious, and chewed straight through it.

So thank goodness for Omorfie, I couldn’t have been more excited to collaborate with them – they must’ve had ESP when they contacted me!

The ENA Professional Hair Styler is not only super sleek,  but it does what it’s supposed to – hence the reason they are known for ‘The Beautiful Hair Effect’. The 1 inch wide onyx tourmaline plates are the perfect size for styling, with the slimline model ideal for working with a fringe, but also for larger hair sectioning.

I rarely wear my hair straight, so the curved edges make it really easy to create flawless loose waves. And last but certainly not least, the Omorfie Styler has a sleep mode, just in case you forget to switch it off – eek!

At only $149.95, this straightener is an absolute bargain, and perfect for everyone who wants sleek, frizz-free locks.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with mine, so I am super excited to have teamed up with Omorfie to offer you $10 off your ENA styler. Just click here and enter JO at the checkout.

Happy shopping, happy styling! x